Visit the United Nations

Wien Aktion Initiative

The so-called "Week in Vienna" or Wien Aktion is an initiative of the Austrian Federal Ministry for Education, Art and Culture. It enables Austrian youth to travel to the capital city and spend one week exploring it. They visit various cultural, political, historical and economic institutions and learn about their functions in Austria and the wider world. The Week in Vienna also serves as civic education.

The United Nations in Vienna has been a part of the initiative for decades. Every year thousands of pupils come to visit. To be a part of this initiative schools need to apply to the  Austrian Federal Ministry of Education and Women's Affairs and express a wish to visit the United Nations. Then a booking will be made for the group during their visit to Vienna and the group comes to the Vienna International Centre at the agreed time.

Our guides do their best to satisfy the curiosity and needs of everyone. Pupils get a short introduction into the work and the mandate of the organization as a whole. We also explain the role of the United Nations in Vienna in the whole global UN system. After that the pupils will see some of the many permanent and temporary exhibits and works of art. Everyone will have the chance to visit one of the conference rooms where negotiations take place and to see an original Hundertwasser tapestry, a real piece of rock from the Moon donated by NASA and much more. Please tell us in advance if you would like us to focus on a specific topic in which case we recommend booking a 90 minutes guided tour.

The tour usually takes one hour. For those interested in human rights we would also suggest taking the interactive human rights tour, which is offered as part of the Week in Vienna initiative. To get the most out of the tour it is recommended that pupils familiarize themselves with the role of the UN prior to the tour as the tour itself is focused on human rights.