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Ferienspiel - Holiday Games for Children

Do you want your child to go abroad during the school holidays, without ever having to leave Vienna? Spend a morning at the UN in Vienna! Our "Ferienspiel" Holiday Games are perfect for children aged 6-13.

Ferienspiel 2018:
UN Children's Conference on Human Rights

Programme outline

Seventy years ago this year, UN Member States adopted a very important document: the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

To celebrate this anniversary, our 2018 Ferienspiel is all about human rights. Learn how countries work together at the UN by drafting your own 'Declaration of Human Rights'.

Then put words into action and try playing Human Rights Twister!

By the end of the programme, you'll go home with some new ideas about how anyone can Stand Up for Human Rights.



Winter holidays

Summer holidays

5-9 February 2018

2 -20 July 2018

20-31 August 2018
EXCEPT Wednesday 22 August
(UN Holiday)






Additional times available for groups
(various languages on request)

No registration is required for individual children at the times stated above.


€ 3.50 for children and accompanying adults.

Important information

How to reach the VIC

About Ferienspiel

The Visitors Service of the UN in Vienna has participated in the holiday games ( "Ferienspiel") organized by the City of Vienna's WienXtra office for many years. The programme changes every year, and is offered only during local winter and summer school holidays. Find out about the UN's work, celebrate International Years, explore other cultures. Above all, come to have fun!

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