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Sustainable development interactive tour

Ending poverty, fighting climate change, equal rights for women and girls - world leaders have committed to reaching 17 ambitious goals to transform our world by 2030. Our interactive tour on sustainable development puts the Sustainable Development Goals front and centre for school groups visiting the UN in Vienna. Choose this interactive format if you wish your students to engage with the substantive work of the United Nations and its Vienna-based organizations.

Employing an entertaining mix of show & tell and inter-active games, this tour is tailored to young people aged 10-18 years.   

The 90-minute timeframe allows tour guides to walk participants through the basic concepts of sustainable development using the example of energy, and explain the UN's role in facilitating consensus on global issues like sustainable development, usually by visitingan actual conference room. Participants will also have fun discovering some of the ways UN organisations in Vienna and around the world are working to help achieve the Goals. The tour ends with some ideas for participants to take their own actions to help transform the world they live in.

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