Visit the United Nations

Important information about coming to the Vienna International Centre

Necessary identification
Please do not forget to bring a valid ID with a photo.

Arriving on time
To avoid unnecessary delays we kindly request our visitors to register at the Visitors Service counter at least 10 minutes prior to the guided tour. Should you not arrive on time, we cannot guarantee the corresponding level of services.

Payment can be in cash only.

Cancellation policy
Visitors Service shall make necessary arrangements to conduct a guided tour after receiving a reservation in writing. If a group, or the representative thereof, decides to postpone, or cancel, the tour, this should be done at least 6 working days before the date of the guided tour. If the group, or the representative thereof, fails to inform the Visitors Service in Vienna of changes in the time period specified, a cancellation fee will be charged. The fee is 22 EUR per group between 1-20 visitors. Booking confirmation implies that this policy has been read and understood.

For security reasons the Visitors Service cannot take responsibility for your luggage at the VIC and it is not possible to store it while on the tour. Please consider this when planning your trip.

Please note that as of 20 October 2014 ALL groups require a numbered list of participants in order to enter the VIC (template: DOC)