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    At the Rio+20 Conference, world leaders, along with thousands of participants from governments, the private sector, NGOs and other groups, will come together to shape how we can reduce poverty, advance social equity and ensure environmental protection on an ever more crowded planet to get to the future we want.

    Themes of the Conference
    The Conference will focus on two themes: (a) a green economy in the context of sustainable development poverty eradication; and (b) the institutional framework for sustainable development. (more...)

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    Rio +20 The future we want

    What kind of future do you want?

    The Rio+20 sustainable development conference, to be held in Rio de Janeiro in June, is expected to be the largest event in the history of the United Nations.

    It is an unprecedented opportunity to build the future we want. (more....)

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    Rio +20 and the United Nations in Vienna

    UNIDO on the Road to Rio
    As the momentum builds towards the United nations Conference on Sustainable Development (also known as Rio+20), UNIDO is pleased to share its views on what's important for Rio from the sustainable industrial development perspective. Riders will find a range of articles and publications on the UNIDO Green Industry Initiative, UNIDO's contribution to Sustainable Energy for All, as well as other reports and presentations. ( more ...)

    IAEA - Applying Nuclear Technology for Sustainable Development
    The IAEA works to apply nuclear technology in four of the seven areas identified as priorities for Rio+20: energy, food, water and oceans.

    Access to affordable energy is essential for attaining any development goals. The IAEA helps countries to identify their current and future energy needs, and to develop plans to meet these needs. If countries choose to pursue nuclear power, the IAEA helps them to do so safely, securely, economically and sustainably. The IAEA also verifies that nuclear energy is used for peaceful purposes only, thereby directly contributing to international peace and security. Its safety standards, assistance and reviews increase safety to the benefit of human health and the environment. (more...)

    Rio+20 - IAEA new publication: Nuclear Technology for a Sustainable Future (PDF)

    UNOOSA - Space for Sustainable Development
    Under the title "Space for Sustainble Development" UNOOSA will organize a side-event that focuses on the Contribution of Space-based Information and Technologies to Support the Implementation of Rio+20 Outcomes and Actions. The proposed side event will focus on space and its contributions that would lead to a convergence on the use of space-based technologies for sustainable development and assist in identifying the next actions that would embrace Rio+20 outcomes. The UNOOSA side event will take place on 19 June 2012, 3.30 p.m. ( more...)