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Human rights interactive tour

Promoting and protecting human rights is one of the core purposes of the United Nations. Our human rights tour for school groups centres around the Universal Declaration of Human Rights to introduce young people aged 10-16 to the basic concepts of human rights. We explore the role of the United Nations in promoting human rights,  including the historic 1993 conference at the UN's Vienna headquarters where Members States agreed to establish the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR).

Our 90-minute programme is designed as a set of activities that introduce the topic in a memorable and thought-provoking setting. For example, what happens when human rights are not respected in a given country? Sitting together inside a real UNHCR refugee tent, tour participants might imagine themselves in a scenario called "journalist missing", and discuss some of the hard choices faced by people forced to flee their homes.

Educators are encouraged to view this tour as a basic starting point for their own in-depth look at different human rights topics in the classroom. Teachers are provided with a guide to on-line teaching resources and other materials at the end of the tour. Each tour participant receives a copy of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in English or German.

Tours can be booked in English and German, as well as other languages subject to the availability of guides. Book now

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